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31 Days Of Halloween: World Of Horror

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Truth be told, just writing about World of Horror genuinely sends shivers down my spine. It would be an absolute crime to not include this incredible indie game in our 31 Days of Halloween series. It’s probably a terrible idea to write this literally minutes before I head off to dreamland, which will likely lead to a night full of nightmarish dreams… but I guess that’s a big reason why the game deserves to be included in our Halloween list.

World of Horror is a text-based adventure that takes players through Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-type of scenarios as they investigate the strange happenings that are taking place in a small Japanese town. Inspired by the literary works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, players will encounter incredibly disturbing characters and monsters, all as the larger world deteriorates around them with every move.

I had the opportunity to check out World of Horror, which is available now on Steam Early Access, and it’s a title that sticks with me. Its 1-bit design makes everything so much more unsettling, whether it be some sort of ghoul with the skin ripped from its face, or one of the Old Gods peering down upon the Earth from on high with utter disdain. Every move you make impacts the world in some way, while successfully completing missions somehow always makes things worse.

Combat is turn-based, but I’ve found that having and utilizing the option to run from the encounter is often a pretty smart strategy, since resources such as weapons are very limited.

Honestly, the game plays out like a session of Dungeons & Dragons. I introduced World of Horror to my teenage nephews (I drive while they make all of the decisions), and they can’t get enough of it – which is no small feat, given teenagers’ attention spans in general. Clearly, World of Horror doesn’t need over the top gimmicks or flair to make it an effective and immersive experience, letting the story and disturbing visuals to all of the heavy lifting.

World of Horror is aiming for a late 2020 release, but the Early Access version of the game is already more than worth your while – especially during the month of October. A demo of the game is also available for those looking to dip their toes into the cursed water.

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