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Martha Is Dead Launching On PS5 Next Year

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No, this has nothing to do with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice… that is unless they happen to make some weird kind of cameo in a 1944 war-torn setting.

Previously announced for PC and the various lineup of Xbox consoles, Martha Is Dead – coming from publisher Wired Productions and developer LKA – has officially been announced for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 when the game launches in 2021.

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Martha Is Dead will feature a familiar setting, putting players in the middle of the 1944 Tuscany, Italy countryside as Allied and Axis forces, and the war in general, draws ever closer. What distinguishes the game from something that may be a little less familiar is the fact that the player-controlled character is the twin sister of a woman – the titular Martha – who has been brutally murdered, her body tossed into a lake. The sister is left to deal with the resulting aftermath of the murder as well as the encroaching war.

via Steam

A new trailer came with the announcement, showing off creepy marionettes and glimpses at some of the cinematics – all of which was pulled directly from the game itself. Martha Is Dead gives off incredibly unsettling vibes, which no doubt is accentuated by the fact that much of the mystery revolves around traditional folklore coupled with the horrors of war.

“Now players have next-generation consoles in their hands, it’s exciting to watch Martha is Dead take shape on both PlayStation and the Xbox family of devices,” said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions in a press release. “The game builds upon developer LKA’s signature style of deep, multi-layered narratives and was always intended to be a multi-platform release that raises expectations of what can be achieved by an indie studio on next-generation hardware and PC.”

Martha is Dead represents a step forward for LKA,” added Luca Dalco, Founder & Director, LKA. “This is a game that merges the raw power of PC and next-generation consoles, and all we’ve learned from developing The Town of Light. Martha is Dead is an evolution in psychological storytelling, and we’re driven to build a compelling, gripping world full of twists and turns for players to explore in 2021.”

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