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An Among Us & Fall Guys Crossover Event Appears To Be Inevitable

What would have been the most ambitious gaming crossover of 2020 might finally be happening.

Among Us might be making its way into Fall Guys: The Ultimate Knockout – at least if a recent Twitter conversation is anything to go by.

A tweet this week from the Fall Guys Twitter account noted that a new trailer will be dropping on Monday, likely related to the game’s upcoming future-themed Season 4. It was the follow-up comments and phrases, however, that subtly (I guess, subtly?) hinted at the crossover event, with Fall Guys developer Mediatonic and the Among Us Twitter account getting in on the action, and the Fall Guys account itself posting an image of a Google search for “how to call an emergency meeting.”

Most telling of all, however, is the response to an IGN tweet that made light of the crossover, with both the Fall Guys and Mediatonic accounts doing everything except 100% confirming or denying the crossover event – which would likely come in the way of Among Us cosmetic items.

Would this collaboration have made more sense last year, when both games were all anyone could talk about? Sure, but better late than never – that is, at least, if this theory pans out to be true.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait until the new trailer drops next week, but it already seems kinda sus.

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