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Get This Man A Folgers Sponsorship – Musician AJ Rafael Hits 10k Followers On Twitch

Tonight was nothing less than a smashing success for talented musician, YouTuber, and livestreamer, AJ Rafael, who hit 10,000+ followers on Twitch.

During the broadcast of his typical “Music Mondays w/ AJ Rafael”, the instrumentalist played from a wide variety of well-known Disney songs along with notable tracks from video games, such as “Dire, Dire Docks” from Super Mario 64, as well as music from Kingdom Hearts and Super Smash Bros.

AJ’s follower count steadily increased throughout the evening, thanks in part to his broadcast being a featured stream on the Twitch homepage, but mostly because of his incredible talent and skill on piano and his engagement with his views – not to mention the utterly hilarious way he ends nearly every song with the Folgers Coffee theme song (which works perfectly, no matter what song he’s playing).

Once he hit 10,000 followers, AJ celebrated with his family who had burst in the room by taking song requests from viewers and playing “10,000 Follower” renditions of songs like Dan & Shay’s “10,000 Hours” and Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”.

If you have an opportunity to check out any clips from the stream, it’s well in your best interest to do so, as it might have been one of the most wholesome moments I’ve caught on Twitch in a very long time. Be sure to stay tuned to AJ’s social hubs as well, as he is working on a lo-fi album that will feature lo-fi versions of his previously released original tracks.

Congrats on hitting the 10k mark, AJ!

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