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Lake Is A Slice-Of-Life Trip Down Memory Lane

Looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane? If so, there might not be a better game for you than Lake – a slice-of-life interactive story that takes place in a much simpler time: 1986.

You’ll take on the role of Meredith Weiss, a forty-something year old who returns to her quiet hometown of Providence Oaks, Oregon for two weeks to cover for her father, the local mail carrier. During her stay, Meredith runs into familiar faces and potentially make new friends along the way. Who you talk to, befriend, or even start romantic relationships with are entirely up to you. Eventually, you’ll decide whether Meredith stays in town or if she returns to her life in the busy city.

You’ll spend your days driving around in your father’s mail truck, delivering mail, and interacting with the locals. Once you’re off the clock, it’s up to you what Meredith decides to do with her time in the “rustic environment without cellphones and the Internet.”

Developed by indie developer, Gamious, and published by indie game publisher, Whitethorn Games, Lake is sure to provide an engaging and nostalgic time with its branching storyline.

Lake is now available for PC and Xbox Series X with plans to come to additional platforms in the future. A free demo for Lake is available now via Steam.

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