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Chibig’s Indie Direct Reveals Three New Whimsical Titles In The Works

Yesterday, indie game developer Chibig – known for Summer in Mara – showed off what it has in store for players during the studio’s very first indie direct showcase. The roughly 45-minute stream took place on Twitch and highlighted three new titles, as well as some other projects that are being released later this year and 2023.

First up is Koa and the Five Pirates – a classic, 3D puzzle platformer set in the world of Summer in Mara, and featuring all of the delightful characters from the whimsical universe. As Koa, you’ll be tasked with recovering stolen pirate loot, overcoming traps and dangerous environments as you explore a series of dazzling landscapes on your adventure. Koa and the Five Pirates – which, judging from the trailer above, already looks great – is slated to make its way to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC via Steam sometime later this year.

Next up is Mika and the Witch’s Mountain – a brand-new game from Chibig about a young witch apprentice who is tasked with growing her powers by helping the townspeople who reside at the foot of the mountain. The open sandbox world allows Mika to deliver packages via her flying broomstick, with the game’s visuals looking super cute and charming – a style that’s right up Chibig’s alley. Mika and the Witch’s Mountain will be released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Steam sometime in 2022.

Finally, Elusive People was announced, described as a “stealthy farming sim that’s like Arrietty by way of Stardew Valley.” Players will take on the role of the titular “elusive people” as they live their life in a world that is far larger than they are, using everyday utensils like forks and spoons as farming tools. Elusive People will launch on PC and console sometime in 2023.

The studio also revealed that Ankora: Lost Days will be released later this year with a physical edition along with Deiland: Pocket Edition. The free-to-play Stories of Mara will also receive three new chapters later this year.

It’s shaping up to be a banner year for Chibig. As someone who previously reviewed and enjoyed Summer in Mara, you can count me in as someone who can’t wait for everything that the studio has up its sleeve.

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