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Disney Speedstorm Races Onto PC & Consoles Later This Year

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While the gaming world may be focused on the new Mario Kart 8 DLC news, game developer Gameloft recently revealed what it has in store within the realm of racing in collaboration with Disney/Pixar.

A teaser trailer was released this week for Disney Speedstorm – a “hero-based battle-racing game” that takes place on race tracks inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. Touted as “the ultimate Disney racing experience,” Disney Speedstorm is slated to be released on PC and console later this year.

The teaser trailer shows off a brief glimpse of gameplay, featuring high-octane racing, combat, and the world design of at least one of the tracks (inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean). The early roster includes fan-favorite characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Beast, Monsters, Inc.’s Sully, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Mulan. Given the amount of franchises and characters that span decades, though, it’s easy to imagine that even more Disney characters will eventually be added to the game through DLC and other seasonal events.

No release date has been revealed for Disney Speedstorm, other than the fact that it will launch sometime this year. Pre-registration is available now for those interested in staying up-to-date on the game’s development, including potential details surrounding beta releases.

Disney Speedstorm will launch later this year for PC and console as a free-to-download title.

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