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Weekend Playlist: This Week’s Indie Game Releases – June 24, 2022

The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing and there are a ton of great games on sale. There are, however, still plenty of new indie games launching this week that are worth checking out as well.

Here are our picks for this week’s indie Weekend Playlist.

Greed (PC)

Greed is a roguelike game from developer/publisher Objectif 3D – game that will take you on an adventure through a challenging and dangerous forest. As the young warrior Greed, you’ll use your skills and weapons to fight unknown enemies and uncover the mysteries of the forest. With every step, you’ll grow stronger and closer to finding your sister. But be careful – an army of monsters awaits you, eager to put a stop to your quest.

Greed is now available on PC as a free-to-play title via Steam.

Mago (PC)

Mago – from developer Dream Potion Games – is a charming pixel-art adventure game that will take you on a magical journey. With beautiful hand-crafted levels and intuitive controls, Mago is perfect for gamers of all ages. Travel through a vast world filled with different challenges, mini-games, and secret locations.

Each level presents a different challenge, and each boss presents a new threat to overcome. By collecting secret orbs in each level, you can unlock new items and improvements.

Mago is now available on PC via Steam.

Aegis Descent (PC)

***UPDATE: Traega Entertainment has decided to delay the full release of Aegis Descent by a few weeks to address community feedback and ultimately release a better version of the game.

Aegis Descent – from developer/publisher Traega Entertainment – is a fast-paced rogue-lite vehicle shooter set during the final days of an alternate World War II. A secret testing facility has been overrun by an unknown enemy force, and the best pilots of the war are asked to take an experimental hover tank on a perilous mission – to descend into the caverns below the facility and face this new threat.

Featuring intense, procedurally-generated action, Aegis Descent challenges you to fight your way through hordes of enemy forces, using your wits and skills to survive. With an arsenal of powerful weapons and upgrades at your disposal, you’ll need to utilize everything at your disposal to make it through to the bottom alive.

Aegis Descent is now available on PC via Steam.

Finally, here are a few other indie games that are releasing in Early Access or are making their debut on new platforms:

  • GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead – Available now for PC via Steam Early Access
  • Japanese Rail Sim: Journey to Kyoto (Port) – Available now for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam
  • Project Lazarus Available now for PC via Steam Early Access
  • SANABI – Available now for PC via Steam Early Access

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