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We Tried N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream (& You Should Too)

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If you’re a fan of both ice cream and Minecraft, then you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a new player in town serving up some seriously delicious flavors inspired by the popular video game. N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream is making waves with its fun flavors and keto-friendly ingredients, and we had the chance to try it out for ourselves, along with one of the most honest critics around: my three-year-old son.

Blocky Flavors Galore

N!CK’S, Swedish-style better-for-you snacks and treats brand, recently launched its limited-edition collection of light ice cream in collaboration with the wildly popular Minecraft. By combining N!CK’S food science technology with Minecraft’s iconic pixelated elements, the two Swedish companies have created delicious treats that are lower in fat and calories than most other brands.

Enchanted Äpple Pie, Cake Blocka, Peanöt Choklad Glowdust, Emerald Minta… these are just a few of the tantalizing flavors on offer with N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream. We were lucky enough to sample them all, and we have to say, they did not disappoint.

The Emerald Minta was both mine and my son’s favorite, but the Enchanted Äpple Pie and Cake Blocka were close seconds. That statement speaks volumes, as I’m not usually a fan of mint ice cream, but the Emerald Minta was so refreshing and flavorful with its bright mint chips that I’m now a believer.

I was unable to try the Peanöt Choklad Glowdust due to my peanut allergy, but my son had no problem taking bite after bite to assure me how good it was.

Tasty AND Healthy

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All of the flavors have a hint of coconut, but it is very subtle and doesn’t overwhelm — again, a check in the win column for me, as I’m not a fan of coconut or coconut-flavored treats.

It’s sweetened with monk fruit and fermented sugar cane Reb-M (which is a fancy label for stevia), which are both natural sweeteners that don’t impact blood sugar or insulin levels. Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but I was even ok with the taste, despite my aversion to stevia.

Perhaps best of all, N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream is made with keto-friendly ingredients, so you can indulge without guilt. Each pint contains just 4-5 net carbs and no added sugar, and it’s only packed with 270-370 calories of creamy goodness. So if you’re looking for a delicious treat that won’t derail your healthy eating habits, look no further than N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream.

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To round it all out, even the packaging is on point. The sturdy pint container has a Minecraft-themed look, coming in the form of the game’s iconic pixelated block, which is a departure from N!CK’S standard round packaging.

The ice cream does seem to melt a bit faster than other brands, but with its keto-friendly ingredients and low net carbs, I say N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream is well worth the trade-off. Just scarf it all down in one sitting, or snag a few bites at a time before popping it back in the freezer.

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The Verdict

My son and I highly recommend N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream to anyone looking for a tasty, healthy dessert or snack that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Now, the question is: when do I put it all together for him and introduce him to the actual Minecraft game…?

Product samples were provided to GamingPizza for this review. N!CK’S Minecraft Ice Cream is available now from N!CK’S website. You can also enter in a giveaway in which three winners will be selected to receive a limited-edition Minecraft hoodie and three monthly installments of four pints of Minecraft ice cream. Better hurry, though. The contest ends on November 1.

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