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31 Days Of Halloween: Saturnalia

Indie co-producers Santa Ragione and Big Trouble’s Saturnalia is a PC game set to debut on the Epic Games Store later this month.

The single-player horror-roguelite is a “fever dream” inspired by authentic Sardinian culture and architecture as well as classic Italian giallo horror films. The narrative revolves around a mysterious, centuries-old ritual that occurs every year on the night of the winter solstice, but it’s the art design that’s truly captivating.

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Rotoscope animation was the inspiration for Saturnalia, which uses traditional sketching and impressionistic painting to tell a story shrouded in vibrant colors and deep shadows. The end result is an eerily beautiful art design that will both captivate and terrify you.

The game takes place in the fictional town of Gravoi in 1989. You must utilize your talents and confront your own painful memories to reveal the secrets that have plagued the city and (hopefully) eventually escape Gravoi as each of the game’s four playable characters.

The new gameplay trailer above shows off some of the game’s stylish art while highlighting in-game mechanics as you navigate the procedurally-generated maps. Tools and other resources will need to be used wisely to survive as you make your way through the unsettling environments en route to your escape.

Although Saturnalia will launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store on October 27, it will eventually make its way to other platforms yet to be announced.

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