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The Invincible Review: A Stellar Journey into Future Retro Sci-Fi

The Invincible
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Platform Reviewed: PC
A PC code was provided to GamingPizza for this review. The Invincible will be available on November 6, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

The world of science fiction gaming has a shimmering new star in its galaxy — The Invincible. Standing apart with its rich narrative depth and stunning atompunk aesthetics, this game is a spectacular foray into the genre, marking a memorable leap from the pages of Stanislaw Lem’s renowned novel to the digital realm. As a game that elegantly blends a classic literary foundation with groundbreaking visual artistry, The Invincible has launched not just as a game but as an experience, delivering an interstellar experience for sci-fi fans.

Right from the start, it’s clear that The Invincible is no ordinary title. It’s an immersive, first-person narrative experience, more about taking a stroll through an alien landscape than about frenetic action or combat. The game plants you into the space boots of Yasna, a space biologist, who narrates her journey on the mysterious planet Regis III as she attempts to find and rescue her missing crew. But it’s not your typical spacewalk. The landscape is riddled with intrigue and mystery, pushing you to explore and interact, not just passively observe.

A story among the stars

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The storyline of The Invincible is its beating heart. Yasna’s mission to uncover the fate of a missing exploration convoy unravels a tapestry of mysteries, each choice leading you down a different path. The game boasts 11 different endings, and having not seen them all yet, I can testify that each decision feels weighty and significant. The tension and curiosity built through the narrative make every session a novel experience, pun intended.

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The use of Unreal Engine 5 is markedly evident in every pixel of The Invincible. The attention to detail, from the retro-futuristic design of gadgets to the eerie, looming landscapes, is breathtaking. Starward Industries has outdone itself in rendering a world that’s both alien and, somehow, hauntingly familiar. The streaks on Yasna’s visor, the way shadows play across the rocky terrain — it all contributes to an atmosphere thick with wonder and foreboding.

Lost in space: The sci-fi factor

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As a fan of titles like Deliver Us The Moon and Observation, I was eager to see how The Invincible stacked up in the sci-fi genre. It did not disappoint. The game’s allure lies in its authenticity to the sci-fi roots and its ability to weave an intricate, engaging story that’s as much about introspection as it is about extraterrestrial exploration.

All that said, fair warning: The Invincible is not for the trigger-happy gamer. It’s a slow burn, a game that encourages you to stop and smell the alien flora. The deliberate pacing might not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy soaking in every detail of the story and setting, it’s a perfect fit. The game isn’t about the destination; it’s about the journey and the many paths your decisions carve out.

Sure, The Invincible has a few rough edges, such as a few moments of clipping that I encountered. However, these are but minor shadows on a canvas of impressive work by a relatively small studio. The attention to detail, the scaling of the environments, and the moody, atmospheric setting all point to a studio punching well above its weight.

A sci-fi symphony worth playing

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The Invincible is an ambitious game that dares to be different. It’s a narrative-driven, visually stunning exploration of a sci-fi universe that’s rich in mystery and atmosphere. It’s not about blazing guns or flashy space battles; it’s a thoughtful, engaging journey through a world that’s both strange, brooding, and beautiful.

Fans of deep stories, atmospheric sci-fi, and gorgeous visuals should not just keep The Invincible on their radar; they should grab it at lightspeed. This game isn’t just a play; it’s an experience — one that resonates long after you’ve put down the controller, but one that you’ll also keep coming back to so that you can experience every possible ending.

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GamingPizza Rating: 9 out of 10

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