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Pickleball One Review: Your Court, Your Rules

Pickleball One
Pickleball One Score
While it might not completely replicate the physical experience of playing on an actual court, Pickleball One comes pretty close to what I'd expect via VR.
Comprehensive training and fitness modes
Immersive VR gameplay
Bustling online community
Some hardware limitations
Not a total replacement for those who actually play Pickleball
Platform Reviewed: Quest 2

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Quest 2 code was provided to GamingPizza for this review. Pickleball One is available now for Meta Quest.

Everyone’s been raving about pickleball lately. It’s the new neighborhood craze, and I’ve been urged time and again to join in. But here’s the rub: I’m a parent to two lively kids, my schedule is packed, and honestly, the thought of loading up and heading to a court feels daunting.

Enter Pickleball One, the VR game that promises to bring the pickleball experience into homes like mine. As someone who’s juggled a bit too much already, the prospect of virtual pickleball was enticing.

If you’ve ever dived into the world of VR sports, you might have come across Eleven Table Tennis. Well, think of Pickleball One as its spirited cousin. This game isn’t just about hitting a ball back and forth, though. It’s an immersive experience that rivals some of the best in VR sports. It offers a convincing virtual counterpart to what I would assume is the real thing, complete with the nuances that pickleball enthusiasts would appreciate.

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Pickleball One shines in its multiplayer aspect. Whether you’re in for a 1 vs. 1 duel or a 2 vs. 2 team-up, the game accommodates all styles. You can mix and match with AI and human players, making each game unpredictable and exciting. The ease of dropping in and out of games is a significant plus, keeping the experience fresh and social.

Solo, but Not Alone: Training and Single Player Modes

Pickleball One
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For those who prefer a solo venture or need to practice before facing real opponents, Pickleball One doesn’t disappoint. The single-player mode against AI is challenging and rewarding. But the real gem is the training module. It’s like having a coach who gives you detailed feedback on your shots, helping you improve your game both virtually and potentially in real life.

One aspect that makes Pickleball One shine is its community. The game has fostered a lively group of players on Discord, where you can join tournaments, share tips, and even settle friendly disputes. The Community Captains add a personal touch, helping newcomers navigate the game and its social aspects — something that I think more games should feature, especially within the realm of multiplayer VR.

Sweat It Out: Fitness in VR

Pickleball One Fitness
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The fitness aspect of Pickleball One is more than just an afterthought. It’s a full-blown workout session that gets your heart pumping. The game cleverly integrates music, making each fitness session feel like a dance rather than a mundane exercise routine. Plus, the in-game achievements add a layer of motivation that’s often missing in traditional workouts.

This game doesn’t just throw you into a one-size-fits-all scenario. The range of settings in Pickleball One is impressive. You can adjust the locomotion style, shot assist level, and even the paddle surface. These features ensure that whether you’re a beginner (like me) or a pro, you have the controls to make the game as challenging or as comfortable as you like.

While Pickleball One boasts features for the upcoming Quest 3, I reviewed the game on Quest 2, and let me tell you, it’s still a blast. The mixed reality aspect is a peek into the future of VR gaming. Even on Quest 2, though, the experience was seamless and fun. And with more updates on the horizon, Pickleball One seems poised to keep evolving.

Final Thoughts: No Pickle Here

Pickleball One
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After spending considerable time with Pickleball One, I’ve come to appreciate it as more than just a game. It’s a virtual space where fitness, fun, and community intersect — which I’m almost positive is what part of the real-life appeal of the game offers. While it might not completely replicate the physical experience of playing on an actual court, it comes pretty close to what I’d expect. And for someone like me, whose real-life constraints make regular court visits challenging, it’s a welcome alternative.

It’s made me more eager to try pickleball in real life, but for now, it’s a perfect fit for my in-home gaming and fitness routine. Pickleball One earns a solid 8 out of 10 for its innovation, immersive experience, and ability to bring a community together in the virtual reality realm. Whether you’re a pickleball pro or a curious newcomer, this game is worth checking out.

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