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31 Days Of Halloween: Eternal Hope

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It’s finally October, which means that the leaves are beginning to change, pumpkin spice is everywhere, and gamers are scrambling to play as many scary or Halloween-related titles as they can to celebrate the spookiest month of the year. As such, GamingPizza will be bringing you 31 Days of Halloween. We’ll be posting one title a day that’s worth checking out during the build-up to October 31st

Hope and love aren’t necessarily things you might think of when it comes to the scarier associations with the Halloween season. However, Eternal Hope, from developer/publisher Doublehit Games, certainly qualifies as the first entry into our 31 Days of Halloween series.

Eternal Hope puts players in the role of Ti’bi – a grief-stricken boy who is haunted by the death of his girlfriend who was taken too soon. In a final act of desperation to be reunited with his love, Ti’bi adventures into the realm of the Shadow World – a purgatory-like place full of mystery and shadowy creatures. Ti’bi will need to jump between the Shadow World and the world of the living to uncover the secrets of life and death, and, hopefully, reconnect with the love of his life.

Eternal Hope has clearly won over players, as the game sits at a Steam rating of “Very Posititve” (at the time of this writing).

Director and Sound Designer of Doublehit Games, Gabriel Oliveira, had this to say about the game’s reception:

“We’ve achieved our ultimate goal with Eternal Hope: reach the hearts of our players with Ti’bi’s touching story of love and loss. The response has been overwhelmingly positive since Eternal Hope launched, and it’s been a surreal experience getting to share our passion for Eternal Hope with the players who have fallen in love with it.”

Ti’bi’s adventure between the world of the living and the deceased is arguably enough to qualify as an entrant into our 31 Days of Halloween. The content itself may be a bit more subdued than a typical jump-scare horror game, but that’s what makes Eternal Hope such a refreshing title. Maybe hold off on the first-person horror games and first take a trip into the Shadow World while supporting an indie studio.

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