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31 Days Of Halloween: Gord

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In a new gameplay video, game director Stan Just showed off Gord and examined the expansive amount of choices players will have during each playthrough of the game’s campaign and its various modes.

Not only does the game have a fully customizable Custom Scenarios mode, but there are also many structures that players can build for their settlements. “Gords” (which are the name of settlements) can be customized with different buildings which offer various benefits to the player such as a combat training facility or a temple that increases magical skills and abilities.

In Gord, players will find themselves in charge of a newly established settlement which they must grow and develop into a successful city-state. They’ll need to manage their citizens carefully, making sure they are happy, while also ensuring that their city is defended from horrific outside threats. As the settlement grows, players will have to make tough decisions that will shape the future of their Gord and its residents.

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In addition to the main campaign mode, players can also play fully customizable Custom Scenarios. These scenarios can be changed and tweaked to create completely different experiences each time they are played.

Inspired by Slavic folklore, Gord is shaping up to be a fun and terrifying addition to the adventure-strategy genre. With its deep customization options and unique setting, Gord promises to offer players a truly unique gaming experience.

Gord is currently in development for PC via Steam.

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