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31 Days Of Halloween: Sagebrush

Cults, and the overall idea of cult society, generally come with negative associations, usually for good rea

son. Many of the leaders in such societies are portrayed – at least in mainstream media (which includes video games) – as charismatic individuals with over-the-top kinds of personalities that would make any impressionable person want to buy into their ideals and beliefs, regardless of how outlandish they may be.

However, that isn’t necessarily the case for every cult. Some leaders can be more subdued and less abrasive in terms of their demeanor, but that type of personality can still be plenty welcoming to those searching for some sort of direction and sense of belonging. Such is the case for Sagebrush, from indie developer Redact Games, which sees players adventuring through an abandoned cult compound in search of answers and closure.

The game features a first-person perspective as players explore the pixelated grounds of the abandoned cult compound. The unsettling environment is only emphasized by the game’s audio design, like hearing random creaks and groans from the old and forgotten wooden structures coming from out of nowhere, as well as the audio clips from diary-lie recordings and videos. As players explore the grounds, they’ll need to solve puzzles to progress the story forward, learning more about the history of the cult, which all comes to a head in the game’s most intense moments.

Sagebrush isn’t necessarily a game for those looking for jump scares, but its offputting vibe and unsettling story makes it a great game to check out on an extra-quiet October night.

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