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31 Days Of Halloween: The Coma

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COVID-19 may have students virtually learning this school year, but for those yearning for a chance to get back into the hallways of school, Devespresso Games is offering you a chance… albeit a potentially deadly one.

Available now on Steam, The Coma: Back to School Bundle provides players with all of the terrifying goodness that the popular Korean horror title has to offer in a single package.

The Coma: Back to School Bundle includes the full games of The Coma: Recut and The Coma 2: Deluxe Edition, the latter of which comes with plenty of extras itself, including an Artbook for the game, the game’s soundtrack, and two DLC costume packs in “Locks of Love” and “Winter Practice.”

The Coma: Recut features Youngho, a student at Sehwa High, who falls asleep while studying for his final exams. The next day, Youngho learns that someone tried to commit suicide in the school at the same time he was there. Exams go on as scheduled, but the exhausted Youngho manages to fall asleep again, this time during his final exam. He finds himself locked inside the school, which has turned into a nightmarish world, forcing him to survive and solve the mysteries of Sehwa High.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Deluxe Edition picks up in the same hallways of Sehwa High, but puts players in the shoes of Mina Park, who just happens to be Youngho’s childhood friend. Mina finds herself running (and hiding) for her life in the same sinister school setting, but will also have to venture into the district surrounding the school in order to survive.

What makes The Coma series so unique is its 2D hand-illustrated visuals, while pairing together elements of the genres of survival horror and visual novels. It’s a shame that the bundle doesn’t also include everything that comes with The Coma: Recut Deluxe Edition, as that would certainly make the Back to School Bundle more complete.

The Coma series doesn’t necessarily stand out in terms of its Metacritic rating, but the Back to School Bundle is a great deal for those interested in checking out a 2D take on Korean horror.

Hey, it’s better than studying, right?Source: Headup Games

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