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Cloudpunk: City Of Ghosts DLC Releases This Month

The release date for Cloudpunk’s upcoming “sequel-sized” DLC episode, City of Ghosts, has been revealed. On May 25th, the DLC will be available on PC. No word yet as to when console players can expect the DLC to make its way to them.

City of Ghosts picks up where the original Cloudpunk left off, finding delivery driver, Rania, and her companion, Camas, in trouble and on the run again. This time, however, players will be introduced to the deadbeat gambler known as Hayse, who has been tasked with clearing all his debts by the end of the night. The two characters’ stories will overlap at some point, bringing a brand-new element to the city of Nivalis, in a campaign that is actually longer than the original game.

City of Ghosts is so ambitious in scope simply because there are so many stories from the streets of Nivalis that we still wanted to tell,” said Marko Dieckmann, studio head of developer ION LANDS. “Right now, we’re in the final stages, getting the vocal performances recorded and the new game content polished up. We’ve been working hard to make Cloudpunk feel fresh – there are new areas and mysteries, as well as fan-requested features like the street races. We can’t wait to show the city from a different perspective.”

Cloudpunk: City of Ghosts will be released on May 25th for PC.

Source: Future Friends Games

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