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Tripwire Interactive Implements Flexible “Next Gen Work Model” For Employees

For nearly every industry that was capable of doing so, the COVID-19 pandemic created a need for remote work to begin pretty much immediately as a way to keep people safe.

Tripwire Interactive – developers of the Killing Floor, Red Orchestra, Rising Storm, and Maneater franchises – along with Tripwire Presents – the publishing division that focuses on indie game releases, such as Chivalry 2, Espire 1: VR Operative, and Road Redemption – adapted quickly to the change, and has decided to continue its practices through a “Next Gen Work Model.” The model will allow employees to have the option to work fully remote, fully in-office, or a hybrid of the two.

“By allowing flexible hybrid on-site/remote work plans we’re providing the best of both worlds with the collaborative and relational benefits of in-office work and the quality-of-life benefits of remote work,” said Tripwire CEO John Gibson in a press release. “With offering these flexible hybrid, full-time remote, and full-time on-site work options, we’re serving the desires and needs of next generation teams.”

The permanent model comes following employee feedback, with the model aimed at generating a more positive work-life balance for employees.

Tripwire’s Next Gen Work Model is one that could arguably be implemented in almost all corporate/in-office industries, as we’ve seen in the past year. At the very least, Tripwire’s commitment to its employees is a breath of fresh air, especially in an industry that has been consistently associated with crunch and hostile work environments.

Source: ONE PR Studio

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