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NACON Unveils The RIG 600 PRO Headphone Series

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NACON has officially unveiled its RIG 600 PRO Headset Series, branching out under the prestigious RIG audio brand. The launch marks its first foray into the dual wireless headset space, offering unparalleled connectivity with a low-latency 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth interface. The versatile 600 PRO connects seamlessly with a myriad of gaming devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile platforms, promising a wireless gaming experience that moves beyond boundaries.

The 600 PRO series is outfitted with a chat-enhanced microphone that conveniently tucks into the earcup when not in operation. This feature, coupled with a flip-to-mute function, promises a smooth, uninterrupted communication channel, facilitating both gaming dialogues and call handling with ease.

The series presents two elite models catering to diverse gaming platforms. The 600 PRO HS is tailored for PlayStation aficionados, whereas the 600 PRO HX comes with official licensing for Xbox, enriched with Dolby Atmos for headphones to deliver three-dimensional precision audio. The auditory experience is further amplified when connected through a USB-C wireless adapter to an Xbox console or PC.

Diving deeper into the specifications, the RIG 600 PRO showcases an impressive lineup of features including dual-mode wireless connectivity, 24-hour Bluetooth battery lifespan, superior audio output from bass-boosted 40mm drivers, and a lightweight design ensuring all-day comfort. The series also allows extensive customization through the 600 PRO Navigator app and promises durability with a durable, cushioned headband.

Launching at a competitive retail price of $99.99, these models are accessible from retail outlets including GameStop, BestBuy, and Walmart, the latter exclusively presenting camo editions in Urban and Artic varieties.

Since its inception, the RIG brand has been setting standards in professional gaming audio since 2012. Acquired by NACON in 2020, RIG continues its commitment to equipping competitive gamers, esports enthusiasts, and streamers with next-generation gear, maintaining its position in the industry.

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