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The Way Of Wrath To Be First RPG Published By Hooded Horse

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via Animmal

Embrace the savage spirit of your ancestors and forge a path as an epic tribal chieftain in The Way of Wrath – an upcoming RPG set in the Early Bronze Age.

Developed by Animmal, and the first RPG to be put out by indie publisher Hooded Horse, The Way of Wrath will place you as the chieftain of a tribe who is looking to rebound following a defeat that threatens the entire tribe.

To celebrate the reveal, an announcement trailer was released showing off gameplay elements along with a glimpse of the progression system.

The Way of Wrath will feature a full character creation suite inspired by Dragon Age: Origins, a survival system that tasks you with hunting for supplies while expanding and establishing resource camps around the map, and a deep diplomacy system where tribes can be allied with or waged war against.

Each NPC has a name and routine, while their relationships and fate will be determined by the decisions you make, creating a dynamic storyline where every action counts and has an impact on the world.

No release date has been revealed, but The Way of Wrath is expected to launch sometime in Q2 2022 on Steam and GOG.

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