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31 Days Of Halloween: The Darkest Tales

In The Darkest Tales, from indie developer Trinity Team, a stuffed bear is on a quest to save his owner from the realm of dreams. He must face many challenges along the way, including childlike fantasies, fairy tales, and distorted landscapes. With the help of some familiar characters, Teddy might just be able to make it to Alicia in time. However, the journey will not be easy. Come along on this dark and sinister adventure with Teddy to see if he can save the girl he loves.

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The Darkest Tales is a game full of excitement and suspense. As you help Teddy navigate through various challenges, you’ll also get to know some of the other characters in the game, such as The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Of course, these versions of the characters in The Darkest Tales are a far cry from their familiar fairytale counterparts.

Teddy is forced to use his wits and crafting skills to progress through the 2.5D adventure. He encounters challenging puzzles and difficult obstacles, but he never gives up. Teddy is a truly determined bear who will stop at nothing to save Alicia.

I have a soft spot for stuffed bears, and The Darkest Tales is the perfect game to scratch that itch. With its dark and twisted story, exciting puzzles, and complex characters, this game looks like it will you on the edge of your seat from start to finish in Trine-like fashion.

The Darkest Tales is available now to play on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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