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New Battle Royale Super People Is Taking Steam By Storm

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via Wonder People

Super People is a new battle royale title from developer Wonder People that is currently trending high on Steam.

In fact, the game actually became the number one trending title on Steam a mere five days after its release, while ranking 26th among the top most played games on the platform.

The battle royale genre has been around for years, but Super People aims to change up the traditional formula of what a battle royale is. The game gives players 12 unique playable classes of super soldiers, each with their own distinctive characteristics and special abilities as they level up and craft resources, all with the goal of being the last person standing.

Even popular streamers such as TimTheTatman and Shroud have positive things to say about Super People.

“I’ve been playing battle royales for a very long time and this is like one of those games where it’s like I was kind of interested in it when the developer reached out,” said TimTheTatman . “I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed it,” said Shroud. “You don’t need to be mechanically gifted at battle royale games to play it, but you get it once you start Super People.

The closed beta test is running now through January 4. Sign ups are available now on Steam.

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