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For the King II Announces November Release Date

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via Curve Games

Curve Games, in collaboration with developer IronOak Games, has set the stage for its upcoming sequel, For the King II. Slated for a November 2, 2023 release on PC via Steam — as announced via the below trailer — the game comes with a price tag of $24.99. However, players eager to get in early can pre-purchase and receive a 10% discount, coupled with exclusive in-game rewards.

Taking inspiration from classic tabletop RPGs, the game seamlessly melds strategy, JRPG combat, and roguelite components. In a press release, Sterling Anderson, IronOak Games’ Studio Director, conveyed the team’s determination to introduce fresh elements and elevate gameplay — a particularly awaited addition being the four-player co-op mode, a long-requested feature from the For the King community.

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Delving into the narrative, the tale unfolds around Queen Rosomon. Once a beloved monarch, she’s now turned tyrant, forging alliances with dark entities and consigning her people to toil in Fahrul’s mines. Players are thrust into this conflict, challenging them to overthrow the queen’s reign, either solo or alongside friends in the new co-op setting.

Building upon the revered For the King foundation, the sequel promises both familiarity and novelty. A unique feature is the procedurally generated map, ensuring a distinct venture on every playthrough. Plus, dice roll mechanics add a touch of unpredictability to movement and combat scenarios.

The journey in For the King II isn’t short-lived. Spanning over 30 hours, it’s segmented into five interconnected adventures. If a party faces defeat, their subsequent journey begins on a stronger note, equipped with better starting gear. The game boasts 12 unique character classes, such as The Blacksmith and the Alchemist, catering to varied playstyles.

A new layer of strategy awaits players in the form of the Battle Grid. This feature emphasizes the importance of positioning in combat, allowing tactics like pushing adversaries into lethal hazards. Complementing the gameplay is Fahrul’s picturesque landscape, from verdant woods to Merling-populated waters, ensuring players are in for a visually captivating experience.

Mark your calendars for this epic saga coming this November!

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