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DXRacer Releasing Upgraded Air Pro and 2023 Master Models

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DXRacer has unveiled two new editions of its popular Air Series and Master Series which are set to be available later this fall.

Made from recycled, eco-friendly materials, the Air Pro Series has six distinct color combinations, including Black/White, Red, and standard Black, with an ultra-breathable mesh netting for form-fitting comfort. The chair is made up of high-strength parts with adjustable ergonomic features, such as a magnetic lumbar support along with plush memory foam padding.

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With a variety of optional accessories, the Air Pro Series transcends the typical mesh/netted chair. The remote-controlled RGB exoskeleton creates a perfect addition to any gaming setup. For additional comfort during colder months, there is also a slip-on leather chair cover available in black, red, or white. Finally, the telescopic footrest allows you to prop your feet up and relax while you’re gaming.

The 2023 Master Series is perfect for gamers and streamers alike. Made of breathable polyurethane leather, the gaming chair comes in five different color options, including Black, Green, and White. The tilt and rocking synchronic-tilt modes offer multiple settings to make you feel more comfortable while you play or stream. Plus, the built-in, adjustable lumbar support will keep you comfortable for hours on end. And if that’s not enough, the large, rail-mounted memory foam headrest will make sure your neck and spine are properly supported. Finally, outfit your chair with a cup holder and laptop dock for the ultimate experience.

“Gaming chair fans gave us valuable feedback on the previous Air and Master Series models that have made the Air Pro the ultimate mesh chair and the 2023 Master the most stylish gaming chair on the market,” stated Ben Krzywicki, DXRacer Community Manager. “We are confident and proud of the improvements made with these new designs. Especially by using recycled materials for the Air Pro, where we were able to keep our carbon footprint low without sacrificing quality.”

The DXRacer Air Pro Series and 2023 Master Series will be released on Monday, October 17, 2022 starting at $499 and $539 respectively in the United States, and will be available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and other local retailers.