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REVIEW: KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard

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When it comes to mechanical keyboards, I’m not a huge fan. I think they have a lot to offer, but the boards that I’ve reviewed have typically been super loud and not very comfortable to type on. The KeysMe Lunar 01 mechanical keyboard, however, has changed my mind. This keyboard is fully customizable, it’s super comfortable to type on, and its muted key options make it one of the quietest mechanical keyboards I’ve ever used.

I’ve only backed a handful of Kickstarter projects, but after reviewing the Lunar 01, you can bet that I’ll be backing the KeysMe campaign that is running until October 13, 2022.

The Lunar 01 Keyboard Is Out Of This World!

Inspired by NASA, this spaceship-designed mechanical keyboard has a magnetic fidget spinner rocket on both sides and a multifunctional pickup lamp. Even better? The entire keyboard lights up in a dynamic LED glow that is fully customizable. I found the live sound meter to be a bit distracting while working, but I am able to turn it off with a press of a button. Then, I can turn it right back on when I’m ready to game in the glow of the RBG.

The Lunar 01 comes with EVA switches pads and dual silicone dampeners which greatly improve the elastic feel and offer a deeper and more holistic sound signature. With these features, you will be able to enjoy the ultimate sound and experience that this product can provide. The switch pads offer a great level of comfort and allow you to keep your hands in place during those long gaming sessions. The dual silicone dampeners help to reduce the amount of noise that is produced when striking the keys, giving you a more immersive gaming experience. With the combination of these features, the Lunar 01 is sure to give you the ultimate sound and experience that you have been looking for.

Honestly, the sound is oddly therapeutic and typing is like a dream on the keyboard.

Customizations Upon Customizations

If you’re looking for a keyboard that offers a totally customizable experience, then the Lunar 01 is it. With 14 variable gaskets, you can easily change the material, quantity, and position to get the elastic feeling you want. Plus, the special structure of the board means that it’s also compatible with a plateless keyboard. And if you want to switch things up, the keyboard is hot-swappable. So you can try out different switches and keycaps to find the perfect combination for you. Plus, drawing paper is provided for every component so you can create a unique keyboard that looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Here’s a glimpse of everything that comes included in the box:

Probably its most exciting feature for me is the Lunar 01 keyboard is a great option if you have multiple devices that you need to use on a regular basis. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows, and can be paired with up to five devices. All you have to do to switch between your connected devices is press the Fn+1, Fn+2, or Fn+3 keys. It’s a flawless, super simple way to switch between multiple devices and a far better solution than having multiple keyboards on your desk.

The Verdict

I could drone on and on about how incredible the Lunar 01 keyboard is. It quickly became my primary keyboard, and I’m very likely going to be ordering another one for myself, as well as for my non-gaming wife who said that she was actually a fan of the keyboard as well (which, as far as reviews go, is basically a 10 out of 10 statement coming from her).

I’ll say it again: typing is a dream on the Lunar 01. If you’re in the market for a mechanical keyboard that offers a great typing experience, is fully customizable, and looks incredibly cool too, then you need the Lunar 01 in your life. You won’t be disappointed.

A product sample was provided to GamingPizza for this review. The KeysMe Lunar 01 Mechanical Keyboard will be available following its successful Kickstarter campaign. The campaign runs until October 13, 2022, and it is definitely one that anyone in the mechanical keyboard market should support.

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