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31 Days Of Halloween: Candle Knight

Indie developer/publisher Dracma Studios recently announced that the Mexican action-adventure Candle Knight will launch on January 20, 2023. To celebrate the announcement, the team released a brand new trailer as well as a playable demo on PC via Steam.

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Light the way in Candle Knight to discover what malicious creatures hide among the broken castle remains using only your flaming weapon. Dynamic difficulty system keeps you on your toes, while platforming and cryptic puzzles inside paintings add an extra layer of challenge in this 2.5D action-adventure platformer.

Candle Knight just won a qualifying spot at the prestigious Nordic Game Discovery Contest (NGDC). The victory was announced last month at the BIG Festival in Brazil, with the tournament taking place during November’s NGDC Grand Finals.

“When I heard that Candle Knight won the Contest, I was blown away,” said André Torres, Special Effects director at Dracma Studios. “I couldn’t stop thinking about all the effort our team had put into the project and the road it had traveled. This moment marks a huge milestone for our game and supports all the love and hard work that we hope all the players can feel.”

Candle Knight is now available to wishlist on Steam where you can also currently play the free-to-play demo.

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