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31 Days Of Halloween: CULTIC

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via Jasozz Games

CULTIC, from indie developer Jasozz Games, is a first-person shooter with a unique twist – you play as the victim, buried alive in a mass grave by a murderous cult. Incapacitate the cultists with powerful weapons, unleash deadly traps, and use the environment to your advantage in heart-pounding shootouts.

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“Chapter One” of the game features 10 environments, including dank facilities, abandoned mining towns, dark catacombs, and more. The chapter is a full episode with a proper start and finish, and includes a heart-pounding Survival Mode.

“Chapter Two” will continue the story of CULTIC as paid DLC.

CULTIC was styled to feel like a throwback to old-school shooters, built with a modern engine, elevating in-game physics and lighting for a more-impressive fully 3D game world. The gameplay, audio design, and art are all stylized to create a unique experience. So if you’re in the mood for some old-school shooter action with a twist, be sure to check out CULTIC.

CULTIC: Chapter One is available now on PC via Steam. A free-to-play demo is also available.

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