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31 Days Of Halloween: Soul Survivors

In Q1 2023, the dark fantasy time-survival roguelite Soul Survivors from developer and publisher Stingbot Games will be released on PC through Steam Early Access. Players can experience a slice of the game now with the debut of the first playable demo during the Steam Next Fest taking place October 3-10. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development and planned for release after leaving Early Access.

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Although only two playable characters will be available in the demo, six are planned for the 1.0 release of the game.

In Soul Survivors, you’ll take on waves of enemies such as zombies, evil mages, and giants who are threatening to overrun the Lands of Chaos. As you progress, enemies will become increasingly more difficult, but you too will become stronger by gaining new weapons, abilities, and armor.

The pixelated title will be available on Steam Early Access with 24 different enemy types and two playable stages. Content updates will also be released throughout its development.

“We are excited to share the first look at Soul Survivors with the world, and are even more thrilled to invite players to go hands-on with the game during the October Steam Next Fest,” stated Sterling Selover, designer, Stingbot Games. “Soul Survivors is all about risk versus reward as you try to topple thousands of increasingly more difficult enemies and build up your character. We’re also building, and look forward to sharing even more content when Soul Survivors comes to Early Access in early 2023!”

Soul Survivors will launch on PC via Steam Early Access in Q1 2023, with a Nintendo Switch version tentatively planned to release at the same time.

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