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Two Years Later: GamingPizza’s 2nd Anniversary

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When GamingPizza first started, the abundance of hope and optimism that there was for the site was second to none. We had high hopes for where we wanted to take the site, and what we wanted to achieve with it. Had anyone asked if the site would still be operational in two years, the answer would’ve been a resounding, “Yes!”

But if they had asked if we would still be around in just the past two to three months… well, let’s just say the answer to that question was a little more complicated.

The past few months have admittedly been tough for us. We’ve had to face some pretty big challenges, both internally and externally. But we’re still here, and we’re still fighting. Because at the end of the day, this is what GamingPizza is all about: fighting against the odds, and striving to be one of the top-tier gaming sites on the internet.

It’s been two years since GamingPizza first said, “Hello,” to the interwebs, and in that time, we’ve seen some incredible things happen. We’ve seen our readership grow by leaps and bounds, and we’ve seen our content reach new heights. But perhaps most importantly, we’ve started establishing ourselves as a site that gamers and tech enthusiasts can check out without getting bombarded by ads, or feeling like they’re being talked at, instead of with.

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Our partnerships with developers, publishers, and brands have allowed us to bring our readers exclusive content, interviews, and content that has also helped shape our voice and the topics that we want to report on and the things that you, our readers, seem to enjoy — that being in the vein of product/tech reviews, indie games, and the VR industry. We have big plans to hone in on those areas even further in the coming months and years.

But it hasn’t all been fun and games — sometimes, quite literally. We’ve had our fair share of struggles along the way as well. One of the most challenging aspects has been continuing to produce quality content on a semi-consistent basis while also trying to keep up with the demands of our full-time jobs and other real-life responsibilities.

It’s a juggling act, to say the least, but it’s one that we’re committed to seeing through. Because at the end of the day, this is one of our passions, and writing about games is what we love doing.

We want to give a big thank you to all of our readers, our followers, and everyone who has supported us over the past two years. We would not be here without you. And trust us when we say that we have big things planned for year three (… did somebody say “freelancer budget”?…).

So stay tuned, and as always, game on.

-The GamingPizza Team

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