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31 Days Of Halloween: Layers of Fears

A Japanese trailer for Layers of Fears “The Final Note” was shown at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show, and it is a truly fantastic piece of work.

The trailer gives us a chilling look at the different, well… layers of fear that the game will put us through, and it does an excellent job of setting the mood for what promises to be a very creepy and atmospheric game.

The game will continue to build out the world set in place with the first two games, while seemingly linking everything together. The connections of what seemed like one-off, separate occurrences and storylines will be revealed in the latest Layers of Fears, making the game a must-play for fans of the psychological horror series that got its start in 2016.

Published by Bloober Team and co-developed by Bloober Team and Anshar Studios, Layers of Fears will launch sometime in early 2023 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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