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31 Days Of Halloween: DUBIUM

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via MUMO Studio

In DUBIUM, a 5-player social deduction survival game set in a sci-fi world not too dissimilar from our own, five different factions — called Frontiers — must work together to complete various missions and escape before it’s too late. Be aware though, one of the factions is home to a Traitor whose goal is simply to escape and leave the others behind to perish.

A free demo of DUBIUM is available to play right now during Steam Next Fest. To celebrate, developer MUMO Studio released a brand new trailer:

The objective of each Frontier is to search the space station, gather all of the Cores that were left over from the abandoned station, and get out alive. Frontiers will also come across important Keystones during their journey which are worth a lot of money.

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Your goal as a traitor is to avoid detection by the Frontiers while collecting the keystones. You can either act like an innocent Frontier to gain their trust and then strike when they let their guard down, or be bold from the beginning and take them head-on. It’s entirely up to you how you want to play this game.

Finally, MUMO Studio is conducting a giveaway featuring Elgato hardware to celebrate DUBIUM’s participation in Steam Next Fest. The giveaway runs through to October 10, which is the end of Steam Next Fest.

DUBIUM is slated for release sometime in 2022 on PC via Steam.

Source: Evolve PR

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