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Women In Games Manifesto Calls For Gender Equality & Equity In Games And Esports

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In a move towards addressing gender inequality within the gaming and esports sectors, Women in Games, a globally influential not-for-profit organization based in the UK, unveiled the “Women in Games Manifesto” today. Inspired by the spirit of the suffragist movement, the manifesto embodies the communal determination to foster fairness and gender equality in the gaming landscape, a domain where disparity has become glaringly apparent.

Marie-Claire Isaaman, the CEO of Women in Games, shed light on the critical need for change, stating that although half of the gaming audience worldwide comprises women and girls, only about 23% are employed within the industry. This fraction dwindles further when considering women in game development, programming, and senior positions, caused by an ecosystem that is also marred by rampant toxicity and harassment, discouraging many from pursuing careers or even education in this field.

The manifesto highlights “Fourteen Reasons for Supporting Women in Games”, urging the global gaming community to unite in eliminating discrimination and promoting inclusivity. Echoing century-old suffragist principles, the manifesto outlines the imperative of addressing economic inequality, fostering collaboration, and advocating for equal treatment and opportunities at all industry levels. It also emphasizes the need to create safe and inclusive environments, leveraging women’s diverse experiences to foster innovation, and promoting education and professional development.

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via Women In Games

The gaming industry is confronted with a surge in gender-based toxicity both online and offline, which has been highlighted in various surveys including the Bryter’s Female Gamers Survey. This alarming, albeit unfortunately unsurprising trend has not only impacted the mental well-being of women gamers but has also generated a pervasive reluctance among them to identify as genuine gamers.

Women in Games is championing change by advocating for individuals of diverse gender identities, including transgender, gender diverse, and intersex women. Through a network of over 1,450 individual ambassadors across more than 70 countries, along with corporate and education ambassadors, the organization is fostering a global discourse focused on gender fairness. This network is further strengthened by global events, significant publications, and the annual Women in Games Global Awards which highlight the accomplishments of women in the industry.

To learn more about Women in Games and to join the movement for a more inclusive gaming industry, visit their official website at

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