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Fashion Dreamer Review: A Pixelated Catwalk in Your Pocket

Fashion Dreamer
Fashion Dreamer is a bold venture into the world of fashion games, but its lack of narrative depth and limited interaction holds it back.
Extensive wardrobe offering a wide range of fashion choices
Visually appealing with vibrant and detailed clothing and environments
A unique concept that merges fashion designing with social media elements
Limited body type options, missing broader inclusivity in body representation
Customization is mostly limited to color changes, lacking depth and creative control
Lacks a compelling narrative or meaningful goals

A Switch code was provided to GamingPizza for this review. Fashion Dreamer is available now on Nintendo Switch.

XSEED Games and Marvelous USA, Inc. have rolled out their latest offering, Fashion Dreamer, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. The game merges fashion designing with social interaction, but does it stitch together a trendsetting masterpiece or is it just another off-the-rack title? Let’s dive in and unravel the threads.

The game kicks off by handing you the reins to craft your Muse (aka your avatar). The character creation is admirably detailed, letting you tweak facial features with precision. However, the body type options are a bit one-note, missing out on a broader spectrum of shapes. It’s a bit of a missed opportunity, by not fully embracing the “fashion for all” philosophy that is especially prevalent in 2023. The choices are limited to a range of body types that are predominantly skinny, with no option for a more plus-sized figure, which might disappoint players seeking more inclusivity in body representation.

With over 1,400 items to customize, Fashion Dreamer doesn’t skimp on wardrobe choices. From cozy casuals to runway-ready couture, the options are vast. However, customization mostly pivots around color choices, leaving you wanting more creative control when in comes to individuality and uniqueness. The process of unlocking these fashion pieces involves a time-consuming process of using keys one by one, which can sometimes feel more like a chore than a joy. This system, while rich in options, lacks depth in customization, offering only color changes without the ability to add patterns or unique designs to truly take your wardrobe to the next level.

Muses and social butterflies

via XSEED Games

The game world is bustling with other Muses — the characters you interact with. Dressing them up in your creations earns you “Likes”, the currency to climb your way up as a fashion influencer — which makes more sense than anything in the online realm of influencers. It’s here that Fashion Dreamer tries to weave a social fabric, but the interactions feel more transactional than genuinely social. The game misses an opportunity to deepen these interactions or provide more engaging feedback from Muses. It would have been fun to have more in-depth conversations and build relationships with the Muses, rather than just receiving a simple “Like” or “Thank You” message.

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Connecting online opens the doors to a world of Muses designed by real players. It’s a neat feature that adds a layer of unpredictability and inspiration. However, the game’s asynchronous multiplayer doesn’t quite capture the excitement of real-time interactions, making the online world feel somewhat ghostly and still disconnected. The presence of real players’ Muses provides a nice touch, but the lack of direct interaction may leave players wanting more.

While Fashion Dreamer nails the fashion part, it stumbles on the gaming aspect. There’s no real narrative driving your actions, no sense of achievement beyond accumulating Likes and items. The game relies heavily on self-motivation and personal goals, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea. For players looking for a more goal-oriented or story-driven experience, Fashion Dreamer may feel a bit aimless.

It’s a shame too, since Fashion Dreamer is largely based on real-world mechanics. It almost feels like a distraction, whereas a driven individual might be better off using their time to be creative in real life.

A visual feast for fashion lovers

via XSEED Games

Visually, Fashion Dreamer is a treat. The Cocoons — different areas in the game — are beautifully rendered, each with its unique aesthetic. The clothing and characters are vibrant and detailed, capturing the essence of a digital fashion world. It’s clear the developers have an eye for style. This aspect of the game is its strongest suit, offering a visually pleasing experience that truly celebrates fashion.

The game maintains an eerily positive atmosphere. Even when Muses don’t like your fashion choices, the feedback is still on the milder side of criticism. It’s a double-edged sword — while it keeps the mood uplifting, it also strips away the sense of challenge and improvement. The lack of negative consequences or significant challenges may reduce the satisfaction of success.

A stylish attempt

via XSEED Games

Fashion Dreamer is ambitious in its scope but falls short in execution. The lack of a compelling storyline or meaningful goals leaves it feeling like a glorified dress-up game. The heavy emphasis on social media elements within the game might appeal to a younger, trendier crowd, but it risks alienating players who seek more depth or variety in gameplay.

Fashion Dreamer is a bold venture into the world of fashion games, offering a massive wardrobe and creative freedom in designing. However, its lack of narrative depth, limited interaction, and somewhat repetitive gameplay hold it back from being a must-have title.

This game is like a beautifully designed garment that doesn’t quite fit perfectly — it has its charm, but it might not be for everyone. For fashion enthusiasts and social media savants, this game could be a delightful low-stakes escape into a world of style and creativity. But for those seeking a game with more substance and challenge, Fashion Dreamer might just be a passing trend.

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