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Suck It! Preview: A Whirlwind of Galactic Vacuum Fun

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Quest 2 code was provided to GamingPizza for this preview. Suck It! is available now in early access on Meta Quest and PC via Steam.

Well, that title is up there in terms of the most out-there headlines I’ve ever written. Yet here we are.

Imagine the thrill of being a space cowboy, but instead of a horse and lasso, you’re armed with a high-tech intergalactic vacuum cleaner and a jetpack. Enter the world of Suck It!, a virtual reality extravaganza that’s more than just your average cleaning job. Released in September, and currently in early access on Steam, Suck It! invites players to embrace their inner neat freak in the most cosmic way possible.

Suck It! isn’t just about tidying up — it’s an adventure across the stars where the mundane meets the absurd. Players zip around vacuuming everything from cookies to chickens, growing in size and power. The game’s core, the Treasure Hunt mode, challenges players to collect stars and level up, transforming their vacuuming skills into an art form.

Vacuuming: A Strategy Game?

Suck It Bin
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Yes, you read that right. Suck It! turns vacuuming into a strategic endeavor. Players start small, only able to suck up tiny objects. But as they deposit their haul into the smiling bins, they grow, and so does their vacuuming prowess. Think Katamari Damacy meets Donut County, but with a space-age twist.

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The game’s controls are intuitive for both VR rookies and veterans. You’ll be floating and dashing around with ease, thanks to a jetpack that adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay. However, it may take a couple of hours before getting your space legs.

Visually, Suck It! features stylized graphics, bursting with bright, bold colors, creating an inviting and whimsical world. The audio design complements this beautifully, with each action paired with a satisfying sound.

It’s Lonely Out in Space

Suck It Jet Pack
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While playing with others is the ideal way to experience Suck It!, the early access version often matches you with bots. This can be fun initially, but after mastering the technique, the lack of human competition might leave you wanting more. The various avatars, from cats to sharks, add a delightful touch, though more customization options are eagerly anticipated.

A word of caution: Suck It! might not be for the faint of heart (or stomach). The VR experience can induce motion sickness in some players, a notable downside for an otherwise enjoyable game. This is something to consider if you’re prone to feeling queasy in virtual reality. Hopefully, that issue will be mitigated in future updates.

Future Horizons: Endless Vacuuming Possibilities

Suck It Dog
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With limited modes and maps currently available, Suck It! could risk becoming repetitive. However, the promise of new content, including additional maps, modes, and avatars, hints at a future filled with endless vacuuming possibilities.

In its current form, Suck It! offers a unique and engaging VR experience, especially for those who enjoy a mix of absurdity and strategy. The game’s easy-to-learn controls, combined with its vibrant aesthetic, make it an enjoyable, albeit somewhat limited, experience. While motion sickness might be an issue for some, the game’s potential for fun and replayability is already there.

As it stands, Suck It! is an excellent option for VR enthusiasts looking for something different, as well as for players seeking a quirky, competitive game. Whether it will rise to become a VR party favorite remains to be seen, but with the planned updates and additions, the future looks bright — and impeccably clean — for Suck It!.

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