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ForeVR Pool Review: A Cue Above the Rest

ForeVR Pool Score
Whether you're a seasoned pool player or new to the world of VR sports, ForeVR Pool is definitely worth diving into.
Realistic pool-playing experience in VR
Shines in its multiplayer aspect
Variety of custom cues and unique pool hall designs
While intuitive, the control scheme in VR doesn't completely mimic the tactile experience of playing real pool
Animations of AI opponents can sometimes be slow
Platform Reviewed: Quest 2

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Quest 2 code was provided to GamingPizza for this review. ForeVR Pool is available now for Meta Quest and PC.

ForeVR Pool on the Meta Quest 2 marks another successful venture by ForeVR Games into the realm of virtual reality sports. This new entrant stands out in the developer’s line-up, which includes hits like ForeVR Bowl, Darts, and Cornhole, showcasing a more serious and intricate approach to VR gaming.

The core gameplay of ForeVR Pool effectively simulates a real-life billiards experience. Players step into a world of solids and stripes, taking turns with a virtual cue stick to skillfully pocket 15 numbered balls.

The game’s settings offer different levels of target mode to cater to both newcomers and seasoned players. This feature, allowing players to visualize shot paths, is especially helpful in bridging the gap between virtual and physical pool playing.

Cue Control: The Heart of the Game

ForeVR Pool Cues
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ForeVR Pool‘s control scheme is a blend of realism and VR adaptation. While it doesn’t entirely mimic real-life pool cues’ tactile feel, the motion controls are intuitive enough for players to line up and execute shots with a satisfying level of precision. This slightly less immersive control, compared to other ForeVR games, is a minor concession for the ease and enjoyment it brings to the VR experience.

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ForeVR Pool features American 8-ball, as well as other popular variants like 9-Ball. The actual gameplay physics are smooth and realistic, mimicking shots’ spin and angles. This level of detailing is impressive considering the varying user environments and hardware setups that might affect gameplay.

The Social Side of VR Pool – Multiplayer and More

ForeVR Pool Avatar
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One of ForeVR Pool‘s strongest suits is its social and multiplayer component. The game allows players to set up private matches with friends or join quick matches with other players. The virtual pool hall setting fosters a sense of community, reminiscent of Sports Bar VR but with a more updated and modern feel.

Staying true to the ForeVR series’ aesthetic, ForeVR Pool features stylized environments that are both inviting and interactive. The pool halls are a treat to explore, complete with nods to previous ForeVR titles and elements like jukeboxes and dance floors. These details, coupled with the game’s vibrant visuals, contribute significantly to the immersive experience.

Customization Craze – Making It Your Own

With 50 custom cues and a variety of unique pool hall designs, ForeVR Pool offers ample customization options. As players level up, they unlock cues with different abilities and aesthetics, ranging from the whimsically designed to the sleek and modern. This aspect of progression adds an extra layer of engagement, keeping players invested in their virtual pool career.

For those preferring offline play or lacking VR-equipped friends, ForeVR Pool offers challenging AI opponents. While the AI animations can sometimes slow the game’s pace, they provide a good level of competition, perfect for practicing before taking on human opponents.

A Cue Apart – Unique Aspects of ForeVR Pool

ForeVR Pool successfully carves out its niche in the VR sports genre by striking a balance between casual and competitive gameplay. Its integration into the ForeVRverse adds a sense of continuity and community across the developer’s titles. The game is easy to pick up but offers enough depth to keep players returning for more.

The game is a must-try for VR enthusiasts looking for a social, competitive, or just plain fun pool experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pool player or new to the world of VR sports, ForeVR Pool is definitely worth diving into.

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