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31 Days Of Halloween: Darksburg

If you’re looking for top-down medieval carnage, look no further than Darksburg from indie developer and publisher, Shiro Games. The cooperative roguelite action game – available now on Steam – is sure to satiate your need to take down hordes of the undead.

In Darksburg, players take on the role of Survivors trying to escape the formally quiet town of Darksburg which has been taken over by countless numbers of infected, flesh-devouring zombies. Each character comes with their own special skills and personality, with additional abilities and perks available to them during their escape.

The skills are rewarded as random perks after each level-up, combing to make the ultimate build for surviving against “the nefarious Revenants and legion of undead.” However, playing to the strengths and weaknesses of your teammates – of which you can have up to three in online play – will be of the utmost importance in this cooperative title.

Each procedurally generated adventure will be different than any of the ones before it, offering up plenty of replayability as Survivors explore the various locales around Darksburg, mowing down zombies and, more importantly, collecting loot.

That said, players can also take on the role of Revenants who are tasked with preventing the Survivors from escaping.

As of this writing, the game sits at a Steam User Rating of “Mostly Positive,” coming from nearly 1,000 reviews – many of which surprisingly compare Darksburg to other heavy-hitting multiplayer titles such as Diablo and Left 4 Dead, which makes perfect sense in regards to Left 4 Dead allowing players to play as both survivors and zombies. With those comparisons, it’s hard to imagine Darksburg falling flat in any capacity, especially for fans of those game-specific genres in general.

Darksburg is available now for PC via Steam.

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