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31 Days Of Halloween: Witch It!

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Initially released on Steam Early Access in May 2017, Witch It! will launch fully on October 22nd, which is perfectly timed to be included in our 31 Days of Halloween series.

Developed by Barrell Roll Games, Witch It! is a multiplayer Hide and Seek game that has already seen a lot of love from the Steam community, having reached over 750,000 players and (at the time of this writing) earning a Steam User Rating of “Very Positive.”

Set within a whimsical land of fantasy, Witch It! takes the game of Hide and Seek to the next level. Players will play either play as hunters – who are hunting (obviously) the witches to rid them from their town – or witches – who are tasked with hiding from the hunters.

Hunters can possess a range of various tools to help them find the witches, such as a chicken that scans the area for witches, along with special abilities, like body slamming the ground to damage the surrounding area and uncover any hidden witches.

Witches are able to hide from the hunters thanks to their ability to mimic nearly everything in the landscape, while being able to switch between different objects at will. They can also cast spells that can scare or confuse the hunters, allowing them time to escape.

The core gameplay component doesn’t sound like anything new, resembling the Prop Hunt multiplayer mode in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty. However, the fairy tale characters and designs are a refreshing, more inviting take on the game mode.

Besides Hide and Seek, players can take part in some of the game’s other modes, including Mobification, where caught witches turn into hunters; Hunt a Hag, in which only melee weapons are allowed, disabling special abilities; and Fill a Pot, which tasks hunters with preventing the witches from filling cauldrons around the map.

Beyond the standard bug fixes and technical improvements, the 1.0 launch will provide witches and hunters with new special abilities, as well as two new maps and additional cosmetic items for your customizable characters.

Anticipation for Witch It!’s full launch is pretty high, given the community that the game has already built up. With 86% of Steam Users giving the game a “Positive” review, you can count me as someone who will be checking out Witch It! when on launch day.

Source: Evolve PR

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