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Resolution Games’ 2v2 Mech Arena VR Sports Title, Ultimechs, Releasing In September For Free

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via Resolution Games

VR powerhouse Resolution Games has officially announced that its 2v2 Mech VR Sports title, Ultimechs, will welcome players into the arena on September 15, 2022. The virtual reality title will be available as a free download, with registration now open for the game’s pre-season preview weekend taking place August 25-28.

Ultimechs will be available as a free download on the major VR platforms with no restrictions on play for Meta Quest 2, Steam VR, and Pico devices. The game can also currently be wishlisted on Steam and in the Meta Quest Store.

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Resolution Games – the studio behind the wildly popular (and great!) VR tabletop game, Demeo – also released a video for eager Ultimechs players that provides additional information about gameplay in a behind-the-scenes interview with the developers.

“When we designed Ultimechs, we tried to keep in mind what would go into creating a new sport that people would love playing and watching years from now,” stated Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “Ultimechs combines the excitement, drama, and atmosphere of traditional sports and makes the action quick and simple to understand, with plenty of room for big power-plays and clever strategies. Players who want to take things to the next level can sign up for the UltiPass, a seasonal membership that unlocks a wealth of ways to upgrade the look of their mechs.”

The Ultimechs UltiPass is a battle pass system that will release new paint jobs, cosmetics, and other enhancements to mechs every season. The first Season’s UltiPass will be available before the game launches in September, with more details including previews of content and pricing coming later as well.

If you just can’t wait to hop in your mech and into the arena, you’re in luck. Taking place from August 25 through August 28, Steam users will be able to participate in the Ultimechs Pre-Season Preview Weekend, which will allow them to take control of their athletic, nimble mechs for the first time. Players can compete in the future-sport action with other community members in 1v1 or 2v2 one-on-one matchups as part of the preview. Sign-ups are now available, so be sure to register if you’re hoping to showcase your skills early.

Resolution Games and the Ultimechs team will also be at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany from August 24 – 28, where the fully-playable game will make its hands-on debut at booth #C051 in Hall 09.1.

To get more information and stay updated on Ultimechs, visit the game’s official website, follow Ultimechs’ Twitter and Facebook profiles, and join in on the conversation over on Discord.