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Check Out The Incredible Artwork From Fightposium & GamingPizza’s Giveaway!

via Fightposium

Last month, in celebration of GamingPizza’s official launch, we partnered up with the ridiculously talented artist known as Fightposium, who generously offered up a comic book-style art portrait on canvas to our readers who signed up for our weekly newsletter and followed us on Twitter.

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Twitter user @eshaknows_ managed to be the lucky winner, who showed off Fightposium’s stunning work in a reveal video.

To be quite honest, there may not have been a more appropriate winner for this particular giveaway than @eshaknows_ – whose real name is Esha Todd. You see, Esha is both a gaming and MMA enthusiast – traits that fall right in line with both GamingPizza (obviously) as well as the combat sports-centric Fightposium. A quick glance at a Sugar Gamers profile piece on Esha will confirm that.

Congrats to Esha, and thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaway! A special shoutout goes out to Fightposium for taking time out of his busy schedule to help make all of this happen!

Be sure to follow Fightposium on Twitter and Instagram to keep tabs on all of the great combat sports-related artwork that he posts. If you’re interested in potentially commissioning him for your own custom comic book-style portrait, visit his Etsy shop.

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