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Demeo, VR Awards’ 2021 Game Of The Year, Sets Its Sights On 2022 With Extensive Roadmap

2021 was a banner year for Resolution Games’ VR RPG dungeon crawler, Demeo. Following its successful release and first DLC expansion pack, Demeo took the crown for VR Game of the Year at this year’s VR Awards. Now, we have a better idea of what’s in store for the game, as Resolution Games has revealed its 2022 roadmap, which will bring a new adventure, a PvP mode, a non-VR PC version of the game, and more into the hands of players next year.

Here’s everything expected to make its way to Demeo in 2022:

  • PC Edition: Demeo: PC Edition will launch on Steam Early Access, allowing non-VR players to crossplay with VR players. The PC Edition will feature all available content to date when it releases on April 7, 2022.
  • PvP Mode: A player-versus-player mode will be added to the game, allowing up to four players to play against each other.
  • Player’s Hangout: Coming February 24, 2022, new casual environment will be added to Demeo where you can meet other players, customize your avatar, and play mini-games while taking a break from dungeon crawling. One of the mini-games will pay homage the arcade game, Hauntlet, which was designed by Doom co-creator and Resolution Games senior creative director, Tom Hall.
  • New adventure “Roots of Evil”: Out now is Demeo’s third adventure. Roots of Evil is the first surface adventure for the game, taking place in the corrupted Drych Forest.
  • New Hero Class – The Bard: Also available noe is the game’s fifth playable character, Molthas the Bard, who comes fully equipped with both a lute and dagger, with a song in their heart.

“With Demeo, we set out to make a game that rekindles that feeling of gathering around a table with friends to fight monsters and find gold,” said Tommy Palm, CEO, Resolution Games. “The game’s first year proved that we absolutely hit the mark. What really made those games fun in the long-term, though, was the promise of more content, more adventures and more ways to play. As we head into 2022, we recognize how beloved Demeo is and have made our most ambitious plans yet as a studio. This is a game we’ll all be playing for years to come — and with the launch of Demeo: PC Edition in 2022, even more friends will be able to join the adventure.”

Source: Resolution Games

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