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Shure Drops MV7 Mics In GTA RP To Celebrate The New Year

Real-life continues to merge with the digital gaming world, with world-renowned microphones and headphones brand, Shure, recently making its mark within the fun and chaotic world of Grand Theft Auto – more specifically, a German server for GTA Roleplay.

During the recent New Year’s Eve special online event, Shure partnered with the team behind one of the largest GTA RP game servers, Beyond Management (Immortal Roleplay), to set up a Shure-branded virtual stage that awarded players with a code for 30%-off streaming and gaming gear offered via the Shure online store.

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Following the event, the virtual stage was dismantled with several MV7 microphones “falling off the truck” and ending up being “accidentally lost” around the city of Los Santos. German region-based players have until the end of this month to find the lost Shure microphones for a chance to win an actual Shure MV7 in real-life – the MV7 being a popular mic for streamers, musicians, and content creators alike.

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GTA RP isn’t exactly a Rockstar Games-certified game mode, but there is certainly a steadfast community of streamers and gamers who take part regularly in the GTA Online mod. Shure saw its involvement as an opportunity to be a part of the innovative community as the audio brand focuses in on gaming’s continued evolution.

“Some of the best streamers and gamers in the world already use our gear, so we are thrilled to interact even closer in the gaming field through this unique and innovative activation,” said Christian Husingen, Associate Director, Consumer Audio Sales, for Western Europe at Shure. “Being able to be part of an online gaming experience enables us to better understand the fast-evolving virtual universe and its needs, and therefore to ensure that gamers and streamers find even more ways to closely interact with our brand.”

“Advertisement campaigns in the digital world are almost limitless, and we are excited about this cooperation with Shure,” said Simon Pohl, Founder of Beyond Management. “A combination of an in-game advertising campaign with social media placements made interacting with gamers and streaming viewers in real time, a unique experience. The final element, the scavenger hunt, is also having impressive success, so we are happy to see how good this modern campaign has been accepted.”

In-game advertising is definitely a hot-button topic within the gaming industry right now. Shure seems to have its heart in the right place, though, evolving with the people who are pushing the industry forward through their innovative and creative endeavors.

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