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Propeller Helps Make A Positive Social Impact In Partnership With Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Recently, Propeller – an online platform designed to “inspire activism and help build movements for change” – announced its newest partnership with Red Rocks Amphitheatre to help get the word out about a slew of social justice and environmental change initiatives. The brand will have a presence at all of the concerts taking place at the iconic Colorado venue for the next two years, and will be working to engage concert-goers in social and environmental activism.

This isn’t the first such partnership for Propeller, though. The company has also worked with a number of major headlining musical artists – including Justin Bieber, Bleachers, and Shawn Mendez – to help spread its messages and inspire change. Propeller’s partnerships are just one way that the company is working to make a positive social impact.

In addition to its partnerships, Propeller also offers a variety of resources on its website to help people get involved in social and environmental activism. The site includes a blog with articles about social justice and environmental issues, as well as a section where people can sign up to volunteer for various causes.

How It Works

So, how exactly does Propeller work? The brand’s website explains that it uses “technology, storytelling, and partnerships” to help people get involved in social and environmental activism. Propeller provides a platform for people to share their stories and connect with others who are interested in making a difference.

Basically, any time you sign up for one of the causes on Propeller, you earn points or are automatically entered into a drawing for things like a Super73-S2 E-Bike, an autographed Pride T-shirt from Jennifer Lopez, or experiences such as getting VIP access to concerts. In fact, if you sign up at a particular Red Rocks event, you may even win upgraded seats that same night!

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There are a TON of causes to support, coinciding with TONS of incredible prizes for… well, just being a decent and empathetic human being.

Propeller In Action

I was fortunate enough to have the chance to check out Propeller in action at the recent blackbear/State Champs concert at Red Rocks. (Ok, it was technically the blackbear show, but I was mostly there to see State Champs.)

The early summer rain was in full effect on this particular June evening, with most concert-goer’s trading in their tank tops and flip flops for ponchos and rain boots. Unfortunately, the rain also meant that the Propeller booth – stationed at the top of the amphitheater right by the main entrance – had to shut down for the night. I missed chatting with the Propeller personnel by mere minutes, but it made sense for them to close up shop, since the booth’s elaborate prize wheel wasn’t suitable for rainfall.

At any rate, I still went through the process of signing up and checking out what Propeller had to offer.

I was signed up in just a few seconds and started my gamification journey collecting points by backing initiatives and signing petitions that I believe in. From the Human Rights Campaign and the Natural Resources Defense Council to Democracy Works and the Alzheimer’s Association – as well as The Ally Coalition which was cofounded by Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff – there were plenty of ways to give my support – whether it be through donations or signing petitions.

I started racking up points, but that also meant that for each cause I backed, I’d receive an email (along with multiple follow-up emails) from the same cause, in addition to Propeller itself. This was to be expected, but just be prepared to be a bit inundated with emails once your sign up and start supporting various causes.

Easily Make A Positive Social Impact

I’m hoping to make my way back to Red Rocks later this year when Said The Sky rolls back through town – both so I can check out his show, while also checking out the Propeller (which hopefully won’t be shut down from a torrential downpour).

Propeller makes it incredibly easy for people to get involved in social and environmental activism, whether it be through its partnerships with major headlining musical artists or its impressive list of available causes to support. The company’s use of “technology, storytelling, and partnerships” is an effective way to engage concert-goers in social and environmental activism.

Overall, I was really impressed with what Propeller is doing. It’s great to see a brand working to make a positive social impact in such unique and innovative ways.

If you’re interested in learning more about Propeller, or getting involved in social and environmental activism, be sure to check out the Propeller website. You can also follow Propeller on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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