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“Be Your Mech”: Free-To-Play Multiplayer VR Game, Ultimechs, Is Now Available

Ultimechs, the new multiplayer VR game from Resolution Games, is now available to download for free on Pico headsets, Meta Quest 2, and SteamVR. This solo and team-based experience blends competitive and cooperative play in a unique way that only VR can provide. With no limits on how much you can play, Ultimechs offers endless hours of fun.

To celebrate the release, Resolution Games released a launch trailer that gives a glimpse of the game’s arena gameplay, one of its defining features.

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In Ultimechs, pilots remotely control high-performance mechs in a futuristic arena to square off in 2v2 or 1v1 action. In this fast-paced VR game, the goal is to score by getting the ball in the other team’s goal. As they navigate the arena, players use motion control to guide their GauntJets through the air, in order to get a better angle on the ball or react quickly if the opposing team takes control first. The “dash system” that Resolution Games has implemented allows mechs to move through the arena with lightning-fast speed. Seemingly similar to Rocket League’s Ball Cam, this allows players to focus on rocket fist finesse while still remaining aware of the ball’s location.

“Just like the highly-engineered machines that players will pilot in-game, Ultimechs took years of fine-tuning and ingenuity to bring to life,” stated Tommy Palm, founder and CEO of Resolution Games. “In Ultimechs, we’ve created a new sport from the ground-up. It’s familiar — in the same way football, basketball, and hockey all share common elements — yet plays unlike anything else you’ve stepped into before.”

“VR gamers got their first taste of Ultimechs in our Pre-Season Preview weekend at the end of August, and the reaction was overwhelming,” said Paul Brady, president and co-founder of Resolution Games. “We were delighted to see players not only take to the game so quickly, but play match after match until the preview ended. With today’s launch, we’re excited to welcome sports fans from around the world into the action. Good luck out there, Ultimechs pilots!”

Resolution Games is the genius studio behind Blaston and the 2021 VR Game of the Year Demeo, both of which are available now and considered by GamingPizza to be “must-play” titles if you own a virtual reality headset.

The studio is taking steps to make the online VR community even more connected and safe with its “Clean Comms” feature, allowing players to be “in full control of who they communicate with thanks to Ultimechs’ party-only approach to voice chat that keeps conversations where they’re safest: between friends.”

Mech enthusiasts can rejoice with the release of Ultimechs’ massive customization update. Players looking to adjust paint schemes and don a variety of accessories will find plenty to keep them busy, with more cosmetics available as unlockables in Ultimechs’ seasonal 50-level UltiPass. Players can use the UltiPass to unlock a wide range of customization choices by playing regularly, or they may move through the ranks even quicker by spending UltiCoins. Season One of the UltiPass is available now in-game.

Ultimechs can be downloaded for free from Resolution Games’ website.

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