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Splash Back To The 90’s In Retro-Style Ripwave Racing

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via Oakleaff

Games that feature 2D and pixelated aesthetics are all the rage these days, despite the visual capabilities of the next-gen consoles. Throwing its hat into the ring (err, water) is Ripwave Racing, from sole-developer Oakleaff.

Ripwave Racing is an arcade-style speedboat racing game that features old-school polygonal aesthetics that you might have expected to see on Nintendo 64 in the late-90’s.

The game – which is still in the very early stages of development – currently features three different game modes, which include Race, Arcade (time attack mode), and Time Trial. Only one stage has been released, with five boats to choose from, along with four CPU difficulties.

It also features both keyboard and gamepad functionality, but controllers are the recommended way to play.

A demo for Ripwave Racing is currently available on, and definitely looks like a worthwhile game to check out if you’re a fan of retro racing games like Wave Race 64 and Hydrothunder.

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