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31 Days Of Halloween: My Work Is Not Yet Done

Who would think that in 2022, 1-bit video games would be a thing? Not only a thing, but wildly effective within the horror genre. From the shallow graphics, you would expect little to no fear or uncertainty within your surroundings. However, it’s that very naivety that instills a sense of anxiety and dread upon the player.

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Enter: My Work Is Not Yet Done, from indie developer Sutemi Productions and producer Raw Fury. We featured World of Horror way back in 2020, so you can bet we are excited to see what My Work Is Not Yet Done has to offer. And from the trailer, we’re both concerned and excited.

In My Work Is Not Yet Done, you play as Avery, the last surviving member of a doomed scientific expedition into a remote and unaccountable stretch of sinking country. Tasked with tracking down the source of a strange transmission believed to have originated from somewhere within the region, you must navigate, survey, and survive an eerie, ever-shifting landscape that has been reclaimed by nature — and perhaps something far more sinister.

The game is beautifully created in 1-bit design, with a dark and atmospheric aesthetic that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The gameplay is also incredibly immersive, allowing you to really experience what it’s like to be in Avery’s shoes as she tries to solve this mystery.

For Junji Ito fans, this is one that you’ll no doubt want to check out. No release date has been announced, but the game is currently in development. You can bet that we’ll be keeping you updated on this one.

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