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Boxes: Lost Fragments’ Trailer Looks like Real-Life National Treasure

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via Big Loop Studios

Big Loop Studios, in a joint venture with Snapbreak Games, is set to launch Boxes: Lost Fragments on PC via Steam, their latest puzzle-driven adventure.

If you enjoyed watching Nicolas Cage race against time to unravel riddles in National Treasure, you’re in for a treat. Boxes: Lost Fragments’ trailer showcases gameplay puzzles that appear highly reminiscent of those movies, which also makes sense given the game’s premise.

Stepping into the shoes of a renowned thief, players find themselves ensnared within the walls of a stocked mansion. Beyond its gilded doors lie a plethora of cryptic boxes, each exquisitely designed for an undisclosed intent. But what begins as a straightforward heist soon morphs into an intense battle for liberation and revelations.

According to Boyko Spasov, CEO of Big Loop Studios, Boxes: Lost Fragments is a testament to the team’s dedication to immersion and engagement. “We painstakingly honed both the puzzles and narrative, striving for perfection. The outcome? We believe our players will be as enthralled as we are.”

Set against a vintage, ambient backdrop, Boxes: Lost Fragments offers a fresh narrative that captivates with every twist and turn. As you venture further, you’re tasked with invoking a series of events that challenge your observational prowess, all while your creativity is put to the test in unraveling each puzzle. With each box deciphered, another layer of the story unfolds, ensuring you remain hooked from start to finish.

Boxes: Lost Fragments is available to wishlist now on Steam, and is slated for release next month.

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