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31 Days Of Halloween: Nightmare

Ready for a realistic gaming experience to keep you stressed out during spooky season? Look no further than Nightmare, from sole indie developer and publisher DiTMGames.

Nightmare is a single-player survival-horror game that will be entering into Steam Early Access in November 2022.

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Nightmare will transport you into a bad dream from which you can only escape by thoroughly exploring your surroundings, fighting ghosts, and collecting and creating items essential to survival. The main goal of the game? Restoring your sanity.

Players will look for items that can be used as light sources to increase their sanity, while carefully examining their surroundings for anything that could help them protect themselves.

Nightmare features realistic graphics and high-quality 3D sounds which will keep players on edge the whole time. As you progress through the game, the unpredictable A.I. will adapt to your play style, becoming more aggressive and summoning additional enemies to keep your sanity at bay.

You earn experience and light tokens by accomplishing objectives in the game, which you can then use to acquire perks. Each subsequent game will be unique from the previous one since all of the items you discover may not be in their usual locations the next time you play.

Once you’re ready for a real challenge, Nightmare’s “Expert Mode” completely changes the gameplay, making it a real test of reflexes, speed, and nerves — a mode not for the faint of heart.

Nightmare is slated for a November 11 release on PC via Steam Early Access.

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