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31 Days Of Halloween: Sker Ritual Roadmap

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Can’t get enough of Wales Interactive’s Maid of Sker? You’re in luck! Sker Ritual is currently available in Steam Early Access, with the team recently revealing the roadmap for the co-op FPS.

Every episode of Sker Ritual will feature a new map update, as well as a form of continuation of the story from Maid of Sker. That said, Sker Ritual should not be considered as a sequel — rather, it is deepened cooperative FPS experience that adds to the world of the original game.

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In each new episode, you’ll get access to tons of new content like maps, elite enemies, bosses, objectives, trials, easter eggs, and weapons. Major gameplay updates will also be coming for the Miracles system (an in-game communication system).

The release schedule is primed to keep players engaged for the long term, with Wales Interactive committing to the following update:

  • October 2022: “The Cursed Lands of Lavernock”
  • December 2022: “The Ashes of Sker Hotel”
  • February 2023: “Sewers of the Dead”
  • April 2023: “Deadly Lover’s Fortress”

Players can get in on the ground floor with the Sker Pass — a completely free cosmetic reward system with no premium pass option. The Sker Pass will be available for download when each episode launches, coming with 50 free items (including masks, animated menu backgrounds, player icons, menu music, weapon charms, and more). Every Episode update will also include 25 new unlocks. Additional DLC bundles will also be available.

The introductory offer with a discounted price ends on October 13, so make sure to pick up Sker Ritual on PC while it’s still on sale (and definitely before the price goes up for the 1.0 release).

Source: Wales Interactive

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