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Survive The Fall Brings Tactical Gameplay To A Post-Apocalyptic Open-World

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Post-apocalyptic settings are nothing new to gaming, but indie developer Angry Bulls Studio is looking to take the setting in a more tactical direction with its upcoming release, Survive the Fall.

Bringing tactical gameplay with elements of a strategic RPG, Survive the Fall puts players in a dangerous post-apocalyptic open-world that needs to be navigated with stealth and caution. Years after an asteroid collided with Earth, setting off a chain reaction of “years of darkness, sudden climate changes, numerous fires, extreme temperature fluctuations”, the surface is once again hospitable enough to be traversed by the remaining survivors.

Players will need to scavenge and hunt for food and resources as they build up their team of survivors, especially for the moments when they encounter other hostile bands of survivors. As players survive, they’ll also discover that the asteroid brought secrets of its own.

The game’s primary features will include the following:

  • A survivalist approach to gameplay
  • An open-world
  • Team management and development of its members
  • The appropriate management of resources
  • The construction and development of the settlement

No official release date has been revealed yet, but Survive the Fall is currently slated for release sometime in 2022 on PC.

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