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Become A Master Assassin In Upcoming Social-Deduction Party Game, Eville

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Indie games developer, VestGames, has revealed a greater glimpse of what master assassinators can expect in Eville, a multiplayer social deduction game in which you can “live out your evil side and commit stealthy murders.”

Eville is inspired by popular social-deduction party games such as Werewolf and Among Us, which is apparent in its roles of innocent Villagers – who win by executing all Conspirators – and Conspirators – who win by killing all Villagers. The new footage comes courtesy of a new YouTube video entitled, “Conspiring 101: How to Become a Master Assassinator”, which shows off the town of Eville, as well as the various mechanics that players will use to take out unsuspecting Villagers.

Players will be able to utilize traps, poisons, and good ol’ fashioned backstabbings to take out targets, while utilizing Black Market items or framing other citizens of Eville as one of four different Conspirator types:

  • Barbarian: The lead conspirator, particularly fond of chasing after townsfolk that are screaming bloody murder! After belting-out a terrifying war cry that slows their prey, this brute excels at ending the lives of any poor sod that was within earshot.
  • Thief: A by the numbers no-good pickpocket. While the villagers peacefully wander about, this snake in the grass eagerly awaits a window of opportunity to steal their hard-earned money during the day or slinks into homes at night to nab items.
  • Smuggler: Ever yearn for an easy, one-way ticket into a villager’s home? Well, this sneaky reprobate has trap doors leading into whichever villager’s home you desire! Side-stepping booby-trapped front doors is their specialty.
  • Slanderer: Talk about wistfully sitting on a throne of lies. Nobody creates misdirection and finger-pointing among townsfolk with such glee quite like this sycophant. Though what murder-mystery would be complete without a silver-tongued traitor?

The cartoonish design of Eville looks like it will add a fun dynamic to the otherwise dark and sinister content of the game, making it a title to watch for those who are fans of the social-deduction party game genre.

Eville will be available for PC via Steam in Early Access sometime later this year.

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